Fall Prevention Resources

Information, Education and Resources

The following fall prevention resources encourage individuals to discover, learn and share activities with evidence based information on falls prevention. Use the following falls prevention resources to help keep older adults active, independent and healthy as they age.

Fall Prevention Information
Central LHIN Fall Prevention Resources York Region Public Health
Parachute Canada Finding Balance
LOOP - Fall Prevention Community of Practice Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit
Baycrest - Geriatric Assessment and Treatment Units (GATU) Toronto Public Health

York Region - Your Guide to Fall Prevention

This guide to fall prevention reviews the causes of falls and makes recommendations to help prevent falls, injuries and loss of independence.
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Use this guide on your own or with the help of health care professionals. The checklists in each section will help make sure you are doing all you can to help prevent a fall.

Educational Links
Step Ahead to Fall Prevention Online E-Learning Module Canadian Fall Prevention Curriculum
Durham Public Health Positive Steps Work E-learning Ottawa Public Health ulearn Falls and Older Adults
Sagelink Education

Professional Education Links
Preventing falls: From evidence to improvement in Canadian health care report Health Quality’s Ontario Quality compass: Home and community care on reducing falls
Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s topics on falls Fall Prevention Month Website
McMaster Optimal Aging Portal

Supporting Resources
Public Health Agency of Canada - What to do after a fall... (Document) Fall risk self-assessment tool (Document)
One Simple Solution for Medication Safety (Video) Toronto Public Health - Home Safety Checklist

Multi-Language Resources
Tips to Prevent Falls In Older Adults (Document)

Languages: Chinese - Farsi - Russian
Winter Safety Tips for Older Adults

Languages: Chinese - Farsi - Russian

This resource was created in partnership with The Fall Prevention Strategy Committee and the Central Community Care Access Centre.

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